Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Women in Menswear?

For many years, we have seen women in men's attire. Whether it be collared button down shirts, blazers, loafers, or whatever it may be, women have found a way to make it fashionable. The problem that occurs with women in menswear is portion. If you wear a broad shouldered blazer, or trousers, they need to be proportionate with the rest of the outfit. Instead of loafers, add a cute pair of flats or heels to add a feminine touch. In order to pull of the menswear look without looking too "boyish", you will need to find a good tailor. A tailor can do wonders with your clothing to make it proportionate and to fit your body perfectly. This trend has come in and out for decades, and will continue for years to come. The good thing about menswear for women is that it adds fashionable taste to a simple tee or jeans. Add a blazer and your entire outfit is jazzed up! Experiment and try new ways to rock this trend this season! :)

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What are your favorite menswear items?

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