Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feathers & Fringe

As most people know, trends come and go but they often repeat. What I mean by this is many trends from previous decades are still worn today, they are just modified to fit into today's society.
Two trends that are still going strong are fringe and feathers. You may remember fringe from the roaring twenties on those amazing flapper dresses, and feathers from the 60s & 70s. Well it's not time to put those trends to rest yet! This is the perfect opportunity to dig through your grandparent's and parent's closet to find some amazing vintage items!
Fringe has been spotted all over the runway for this upcoming fall. Fringe dresses, handbags, shoes, you name it and I'm sure you can find a type of fringe to fit your taste. Fringe can add a lot of detail to a simple outfit, so don't be afraid to try it!
Another trend popped up again in the past year, feathers. This is probably one of the more popular trends of 2011. You can walk down the street and easily spot people with feather extensions, feather accessories (ie. necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc), and even on gowns and shoes! This trend is easily accessible, nearly every retail store sales something feather-y.

[Alexander McQueen gown featuring feathers]
Even if you don't want to go all out with the fringe and feather trend, just adding a detail of either of them in your outfit is sure to make you stand out in a crowd!

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  1. I loooved that Cavalli show, the dresses were beyond stunning.