Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Style Influences

Style is something magnificent. Something that is different for each and every person. I love that getting dressed every morning is just like it was when I was little. I loved playing dress up then, and I guess you could still call it dress up now, but I still enjoy it just as much. The way someone dresses and portrays their outer appearance shows a lot about them. Wearing certain clothes is a way of expressing yourself. That is my favorite thing about clothes. I see getting dressed every day as more than just getting dressed. I see it as almost an artwork? I guess you could say. Here are a few of my favorite fashion influences.

Lauren Conrad is probably one of my favorite people as far as style goes. She is always so effortless and chic. She knows how to nail a casual outfit with the perfect amount of accessories. I love her style because she wears a lot of bohemian inspired outfits, but keeps it all classic.
Kourtney Kardashian is another one of my favorite style icons. I love all of the Kardashian's style, but I love Kourtney's in particular. She always have an effortless, easy-going style, but she always manages to amp up her style in some sort of way, whether it be killer stilettos or an amazing handbag.
Last, but definitely not least, I have recently stumbled upon an extremely stylish blogger Mariannan - she is from the UK, so I think that automatically gives her an advantage of being high in style. Every outfit that she posts on her blog I am absolutely obsessed with, and I always immediately Google search the stores in which she purchased them from. I imagine her closet to be every girls dream haha.

These girls all hold their own in style. They are all different and unique, but are similar with their chic and classic styles. 

Who are your favorite style icons?


  1. I love the last bloggers style :D Definitely following her now. I don't know about the Kardashians though...I've never really liked any of their style :P It always seems expected.

    Castle Fashion

  2. Oh :X And I just noticed you're new to blogging. Welcome! I hope you have fun. :D